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February 13th, 2020, Posted by Pixel Global

The SEO industry is now secretly watching a sudden change in the Google search ranking update. The SEO professionals are assuming Google has pushed out some ranking algorithm over the weekend since there is a large shift in the ranking of many websites. Though Google has not confirmed this update or not commented on anything about this yet, it is bothering the experts.

In January, Google released a new Core Update, January Core Update with a big declaration. But this time everything is hush, hush! However, different SEO analysis tools have speculation about the probability of some algorithm twerking.

Features that are making the assumption of new update strong:

  • Constantly changing:

    Google’s search results are always changing, and this is not new. We know Google makes thousands of changes every year. But it is very rare where we see such a big spike in both the rank checking tools and the SEO community chatter.

  • Rank checking tools:

    While some suspect the reason behind these rank changes is the snippet deduplication, some rank checking tool providers already declared that they do not count user interface changes or snippet deduplication changes with their rank changes. So, the reason behind the rank fluctuation is definitely not the result of deduplication.

  • SEO industry chatter:

    According to some expert SEO industry chatters, the heavy rank fluctuation within just 22 to 24 hours is nothing but the mischievous work of witty Google, while some are saying Google is at its game again. They are assuming this might be just temporary with the latest Algo changes.

  • Still in ongoing change:

    It seems Google update is still going one. The update has arguably started on 7th February and sites got impacted from Saturday 8th February, and it is still in flux. So, if you have not yet checked your ranking, do it now. For now, you can check your analytics and narrow down your organic Google traffic. If you see big changes there, just wait for the update to be settled.

For most Google updates, Google declared that there is no fix, especially when they are core updates. In our earlier blog, we discussed, what Google said to do if your website gets affected due to a Google update. So, if your rank is down, don’t feel down! All we can do is to wait when Google comments about this unconfirmed update and confirm it.

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