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October 4th, 2021, Posted by Pixel Global

Google has recently announced new ad units to help people tours, attractions, and activities on the search engine result page.

Everything about Things to Do Ads

When people ask about attractions, tickets and other queries related to tours and entertainment, Things to Do ads will appear on the search engines. From this ad, the searchers will not only get the basic information about their queries but also get links for the ticket options and basic admission.

Google has shared that this new ad section has been designed due to an increasing interest in travel. It will definitely support the recovery of the travel industry.

Though the ad unit is named Things to Do ads, it is not exclusively designed for travellers. It can also show you result for “activities near me” and other queries for activities like “ziplining”, and “aquariums”.

How much do the advertisers need to pay for the ads?

There are basically two options. Advertisers can promote listings with paid ads or go with the free option. Just like shopping ads, they can show their inventory, including tours, admission tickets, and other activities on the SERP.

If they go with the paid promotion, they will be charged on a pay per click basis.

Early indicators for results:

Till now, there is no data shared from Google about Things to Do listings; they have just declared about the success in the free hotel booking links for both the small and large partners. One partner can get approx $4.7M from their free booking links. Thus, Google has already started helping hotels to receive bookings at no additional cost. Their goal is to help tour and attraction companies to achieve success.

How to get started:

Advertisers should submit a partner interest form if they are interested. Once approved, they will be able to integrate directly with Google or through an established connectivity partner. Google encourages businesses to contact their connectivity partners to get help about it.

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