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Exclusive Custom WordPress Design & Development Services

WordPress Web Designing and Development

We are known to be a trustworthy wordpress web design company who can easily take care of your wordpress website design, development as well as maintenance. We, at Pixel Global IT Services, aim to increase the growth rate of your business by providing customised wordpress web design services that are not only mesmerizingly good but also insightful, easy-going, comfortable to handle, search engine optimized and also focused on business conversions.

Fundamentals of WordPress Development and Designing

In recent times, WordPress is evaluated one of the most convenient and impactful systems of content management. WordPress consists of various features that can easily make the whole experience user-friendly, pleasing and attractive. It has a reputation for maintaining a huge community worldwide to help you out throughout the year. A variety of valuable plugins are available which can be used to add different functionally-important features on your website. Being a wordpress specialist, Pixel Global IT Services offers you wordpress website development and designing solutions at cost-effective prices, making your investment a fruitful one.

Designing, Development and Customization of WordPress Website

What we offer is complete wordpress design services and development of your personal as well as business website. We are solely responsible for creating a basic structure of your wordpress website till your website goes live and even take care of every single detail possible after go live.

Our website development procedure encompasses branding of your business, incorporating local search engine optimization (SEO), establishing a visitor base for your website and emphasizing on how online traffic can be converted to the real ones.

With us, your wordpress web design starts with proper research of the search engine results pages, analyzing and observing the kind of content that is required for your website and finally putting up all the required things together to give an impressive look to your website. With an aim to be a part of your digital journey, we can create any possible website that perfectly fits with your requirements, keeping in mind the needs of the customers and their experiences.

Your website reflects you and your business.
Have you ever thought what impression does it leave on the visitors?

Being a WordPress web design services company, we offer custom WordPress website design for small and mid-size companies fully customized as per specific requirements!

Hire WordPress Designer Team that provides Remarkable WordPress Services

Pixel Global IT Services has in store all the noteworthy wordpress development services which include various aspects of wordpress web development such as wordpress theme design, wordpress speed optimization, wordpress plugin customization, and wordpress SEO. We also offer integration with third party modules and important applications like Facebook.

To be precise, our main WordPress website development services include –

  • WordPress Designing and Development
  • WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO )
  • WordPress Support
  • Customization of WordPress Website
  • Module Development of WordPress Website
  • PSD to WordPress Website Development
  • Upgradation of WordPress Website
  • Bug Fixing of WordPress Website
  • Maintenance of WordPress Website
  • WordPress Theme Development

WordPress Development Services – Packages and Plans

Making Quality Web Design Services Accessible and Affordable

Each wordpress web design created by Pixel Global IT Services is targeted to satisfy our clients and meet their necessary requirements. At Pixel Global IT Services, we make sure that your website is custom made to create a long-lasting impression on the viewers. We emphasize on first knowing your business goals, target audience and market. This helps us to structure a unique web design that is best suited for your business. As a wordpress website design and development company, we want to work with you side by side to create a website that is unique, appealing and one that successfully makes your business grow.

So now it is time for you to have a look at prominent and promising wordpress development plans and packages that we offer. If you need a custom wordpress development plan, specially designed for you? Get in touch with us right now!  

WordPress Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is actually meant by the term ‘WordPress’?

    WordPress is basically an open source content management system, at the same time, it is also a tool used for blogging purposes. According to a research, WordPress stands tall as the most used as well as the most famous platform used for blogging. Currently, it is being used by numerous users all over the world. A research also shows that one-fifth of the ten million top ranking websites are using WordPress as their trusted content management system.

  • Why should I select WordPress for my website?

    With WordPress, you will get full control over the designing and development of your website. It is not really like the other remote-hosted scripts that are currently available. WordPress can be typically hosted on your personal server. Installations and Configurations present in WordPress are quite easy to use. In the case of WordPress, the requested blog pages are generated almost as soon as they are requested, on an immediate basis. So basically, a lot of web pages together are not going to clog the space in your website. Changing templates is also very simple with WordPress, they can be done almost instantly. Therefore, nobody can deny that the websites, which are made using WordPress, are easier to look after. They are extremely user-friendly and also provide soothing adaptability to online technology that will develop in the near future. No doubt, WordPress can give your website the largest number of online viewers ever possible.

  • What are the fundamental features incorporated in WordPress?

    Nowadays anything and everything is built with the help of WordPress, beginning with simple websites, online portfolios, business websites, complex web portals to personal as well as professional blogs. People depend on WordPress so much due to its flexible features. Some of the basic features of WordPress are listed below for better understanding –

    • Flexibility & Simplicity
    • Easy Web Publishing Procedures
    • Manageable Web Publishing Tools
    • Compliance and Compatibility with present browsers as well as forthcoming future browsers
    • Thousands of available Plugins and Easy Plugin system
    • Three Default Themes and Thousands of other Custom WordPress Themes to choose from
    • Default Built-in Comments Section in the Website
    • Numerous SEO Plugins for easy Search Engine Optimization
    • Simple User Management System
    • Flexible Media Management Options
    • Availability of WordPress in 70+ languages all over the globe
    • Simple techniques used for installation and upgrading
    • Freedom of users to modify and/or distribute source code
    • Supportive WordPress Community and Support Forum
    • Easy Application Building Framework
    • Default as well as customizable content types
  • Which license does WordPress Hold?

    WordPress holds a license under the GNU General Public License. The GNU General Public License is an open source license. Because of having an open source license, WordPress has the capability to modify and /or redistribute the source code.

  • Can I customize my website that is built with WordPress?

    As discussed earlier, WordPress is extremely flexible. With the help of WordPress, you can easily post your blogs, stories, musings, ideas, reviews, various website links, photos and the list can go on. Basically, you can do anything that you want to do. You can customize the display look and essence of your website. With the help of personalized WordPress themes, you can actually establish an embedded style in your website. Also, there are various plugins to choose from which can improve the functionality of your website and also make it more attractive.

  • Do I need to be aware of all the terms associated with WordPress in order to use it for my website?

    No, it is not necessary. Although if you know important terms associated with WordPress, it will be helpful for you while you are using it. Also, to help you in this journey a ‘WordPress Glossary’ is available for use. You can easily find out relevant terms and understand the significance of those terms.

  • Do I need to have knowledge of using PHP to use WordPress?

    Absolutely no! The best part here is that you can easily use WordPress without having the knowledge of a single aspect regarding PHP. But to clarify, you might need to understand a few aspects of PHP so that you can use some of the plugins that are available in WordPress, although this is not necessary. Also, remember that not all the plugins need the PHP knowledge but yes, a few of the available plugins might require manual editing.

  • What is meant by WordPress Templates?

    A ‘template’ is a term used to denote those particular files that specify what is going to be on the display of your own WordPress website.

  • What is the payment procedure used in case of WordPress?

    WordPress offers diverse payment options. You can choose to pay using PayPal account or you can opt to pay through credit card or online banking. Once you select a particular plan for purchasing, you are going to be redirected to another page. There, you can choose to pay through PayPal or you can fill up a simple form to input your credit card details. After that, if your payment is successfully completed, a notification comes via an email. Then, you are free to enter your verified username along with your password to log into your WordPress Account.

  • Can I upgrade my WordPress Account to a paid one if I already have an existing free WordPress Account?

    Yes, you can definitely do that. For existing free members, there is a ‘Subscription’ option provided in your WordPress Account. You can use that option, select a particular plan, make the necessary payment and easily upgrade your free WordPress account to a paid one.

  • What is the Refund Policy of WordPress?

    WordPress gives guaranteed money back to its users within 30 days in case of all the available WordPress Themes.

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