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July 2nd, 2021, Posted by Pixel Global

Google’s John Muller has recently opened up about how long SEO takes for new pages. The question was quite obvious among the webmasters, and on the latest episode of Ask Googlebot on YouTube, Muller answered this question. Though he diplomatically answered “it depends” as usual, this time, he focuses on some factors that play a crucial role for new page SEO.

Muller shares a few ways that ensure ranking in Google Search in less time frame. By focusing on the things, site owners can promote crawling and indexing to their site’s content. Muller shares the following to answer the question of how long SEO takes for new pages.

While replying to this, he broke his answer into two parts, Indexing and Speeding things up.

Google Indexing:

Google might take time from a few hours to a few weeks to index a new page.
Muller shares how a page with good content can be indexed within a week. However, if there are technical glitches, or if the system is busy with other things, it might take longer than usual. Keeping that in mind, the site owners can do a few things to speed up the crawling and indexing.
Speed up crawling and indexing:

Muller suggests the following actions to speed up the Google indexing process –

  • Prevent server overload:
    You should never overburden your server that makes it slow to handle requests in a timely way. Remember, if your server slows down, your search engine tends to slow down with it, and as a result, your new page will take time to be indexed.
  • Prominent internal links:
    Make sure your new page has prominent internal links. When Google’s system recognizes what the page is about, they index your page faster.

    For example, if you have an eCommerce site, and you want to add a product page, keep the links of the new products on the home page so that Google does not have to crawl through several categories to index the page.

  • Remove unnecessary URLs from your site:
    Make your website as clean as it can be by removing all the links that are no longer required. If your site includes so many unnecessary links, search engines might get confused to figure out all the URLs and miss the one you want to be indexed.
  • Create a high-quality website:
    Google systems prefer to recognize a website that is clear and high quality. Google bots can crawl a high-quality website easily and index it faster.

There are many other aspects the site owners should consider to get their new page indexed faster do SEO. However, there is no absolute timeline for any of these steps. The more wisely you follow, the better it is for your new page.

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