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A Pay Per Click Campaign that Yields Results

A successful Adwords campaign is created after a thorough research and analysis. Structing a PPC campaign is a must to drive right customers or prospects to your business.

Finding the right keywords is the foremost step in the PPC campaign. Effective keyword targeting helps in getting the most from the spent budget. It’s always better to study the rivals and other factors and accordingly select the effective keywords for advertisement.
A good PPC ad should always be supported with a high landing page conversion. The attempt should be to enable users clicking your PPC ad to make a purchase from the landing page. Keeping this important objective in mind, we create mind blowing landing pages with impeccable call to action text supported by images or videos, if required.
Highly engaging ad copyrighting is an important aspect to make any PPC campaign a successful one. Keeping the PPC ad text within the Google’s guidelines and yet enticing users to click and convert is an art that is inherited in our expert Adwords specialists

Do you need instant leads and sales from your business online?

Being an experienced PPC Management company and a Google Certified Partner, our team of Adwords experts help you achieve your sales target!

Managing Pay Per Click Campaign

Giving an initial push and being lazy afterwards is not our style of work. We constantly manage your Adwords campaign to drive more leads and sales with better ROI.

Our ongoing PPC campaign aims to test PPC ads to measure their effectiveness and potency. This ensures only the highly efficient ads run in the campaign.
We carefully analyze user trends to make required modifications in PPC ads so that they convert more. This activity gives us more insight about the clicks and how the ads can be changed to your advantage.
We understand the value of money and aim to make your every spend worth. Continuous keyword performance monitoring enables us to achieve your ROI goals without spending much.

PPC Reporting for Transparency

Our PPC reporting entails the What, Where, How and When of the campaign. Detailed PPC reports allow you to track the Adwords campaign effectively.

We don’t hide the way we are spending your search budget and our PPC reports provide you complete search spend details.

We believe in sharing information on the best performing keywords and PPC ads with you. After all, it’s your right to know what is driving sales for your business.

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Pay Per Click Packages

Drive Quality Leads to Your Website

Our Pay Per Click packages work to provide you immediate sales and targeted leads. Each PPC plan is created by our expert Adwords specialists. We have PPC plans for startups, small businesses, large organizations having different ad budget to spend. Choose the right PPC plan as per your budget and specific needs.

PPC Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Pay Per Click Management?

    Pay Per Click allows you to place ads in search engines like Google and Bing. Those ads are exposed to your target audience enticing them to click them and make a purchase from your landing page. Pay Per Click is the best way to generate quick sales and targeted leads for your business.

  • How PPC ads work?

    PPC involves writing an effective ad that you want to appear in the search engines when users search for a product or service. Next step is to select the right keywords that best describes your product or services. Then, decide the price you want to pay per click for every user who visits the landing page through your ad.

  • How is PPC different from SEO?

    PPC refers to paid advertising which provides immediate results to business in terms of sales and targeted leads. SEO, on the other hand, is a long-term process to get organic traffic on your website. SEO involves strategies to bring your website higher in search engines for increased traffic and sales.

  • How soon will I see results from the PPC campaign?

    Like we said, immediately! PPC delivers instant results and you will witness increase in targeted leads and sales. The biggest challenge is to get the most by spending less and our expert PPC team knows how to do it.

  • Is it mandatory to have a landing page to advertise my products or services?

    That depends! Firstly we analyze your website and if it contains appropriate call to action and other elements then you can use your website as the landing page. We also provide recommendations to make the required changes in your website to be used as landing page in the PPC campaign.

  • How much I need to pay to opt for PPC services?

    You have the power to set the budget and our expert Adwords team will work to give you the best results. In case, you are clueless on how much to spend on the PPC campaign, please reach out to us and we will give you an honest reply after analyzing your requirements.

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