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    Achieve higher rankings on Google, acquire new customers and increase your online revenue significantly with Pixel Global’s award winning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

    How Search Engine Optimization can help your website achieve higher rankings?

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical component of online marketing.

    Search Engine Optimization acts as the best route to get organic traffic to your website. At Pixel Global, we use an effective SEO strategy that includes most updated onsite and off-site methodologies to generate best results for your business.

    Every day Google witnesses billions of searches and your potential customers hardly look beyond the first page of Google to click any website. So, it’s important for your website to appear on the first page of Google to be visible in this highly competitive online world.

    At Pixel Global, we give our customers that extra push to beat the competition and stay ahead of the game.

    How SEO Works?

    Keyword Research

    Any good SEO campaign should start with a robust keyword research. Researching the most effective keywords for your business is the key towards a successful SEO campaign. It should also include searcher’s common questions and concerns.

    Competition Analysis

    To stay ahead in the game, you should beat your rivals competing for the same business category and keywords. At Pixel Global, we take competitive analysis seriously and employ new opportunities to excel on search engines.

    Link Building

    Pixel Global only believes in generating links from established and reputed websites that could help in getting relevant traffic to your website.

    Regular Blog Posting

    Your website content should be created for your consumers. If your content is not informative, you will never gain their trust. We believe in posting informative and engaging content on a regular basis.

    Boost Your Rankings and Sales with Our Proven SEO Strategies

    A result driven SEO Company to help you achieve page one results for your website.
    Hire our best search engine optimization services to increase your traffic by 200%!

    Effective On-Page Optimization

    Content, no doubt is king when it comes to website rankings but without a robust structure, any website can fall too far in search results. We believe in strong on-page optimization to make your business website structurally sound.

    Our experienced SEO team conducts in-depth website architecture analysis. We analyze each page of the website to ensure there are no errors to be found by your target audience or search engines. Improved and robust website structure makes it easy for Google and other search engines to crawl your website pages faster.
    We assign best performing targeted keywords in your industry on relevant pages on your website. We harness the power of targeted keywords in our copywriting to add value to each page of your website. Our experienced search engine optimization team finds keywords that drive actual organic traffic and sales.
    Targeted keywords without engaging and relevant content is a strict no for us. We generate quality, informative content as per your industry and optimize it to attract people to come back on your website for more. Our winning content strategies lead to more customers.

    Serious, Targeted, and White Hat Link Building

    The different between a good and the best SEO company is the quality of links. Volume of links doesn’t matter at all, it’s the quality that we mainly focus on. The sooner you understand the evolving search engine optimization strategies and techniques, the better it will be for your business.

    We establish your website by creating authoritative links from relevant resources. We build reputation by creating effective industry citations and keeping only the powerful and credible links.
    Our effective content marketing establishes your business into an authority. Our results driven content marketing strategies act as a door for quality, authority industry-specific links for your online business.
    Our SEO and link building research teams are always in a hunt of authoritative resources for linking purposes. Our highly advanced SEO tools ensure you to keep up with your competition.

    SEO Reporting That is Transparent and Lucid

    Getting a transparent reporting that is measurable and accurate is your foremost right. Especially, after paying for SEO services, you should measure the results – search engine rankings, organic traffic, qualified sales leads, etc. We make this possible with our powerful and detailed reporting tools.

    Our dashboard provides detailed information on keywords rankings. Proper segregation of keywords – Primary and secondary is done with details on search engine rankings for each keyword.
    All the talk that we had in our link building section can be measured and verified through our link building reports. Our link building report shows every link created for your website. So, it’s up to you to click and view anytime, anywhere.
    Traffic is all what you want, off course, not without sales! We integrate your website with Google Analytics to capture all the minute details of your SEO campaign. Always better to see all information about your website traffic at one place.

    SEO Packages & Plans

    Our Affordable SEO packages are aim to drive more leads and customers. Each SEO package is designed to increase visibility of your business and increase your revenue. Browse through our most popular SEO plans with different features.

    Need a custom SEO plan? Contact Us Today!

    SEO Matters A Lot!

    Local Customers

    Sometimes it’s best for your business to target local customers rather appealing the national or global audience. Our best local SEO marketing techniques help to get local customers right at your doorstep.

    Mobile Customers

    As per several studies, there are more Google searches on mobile devices than on computers. This fact makes it vital for you to optimize your website for the mobile devices so that you are never far away from your potential consumer. We focus on some key ranking factors such as faster page load speed, clean and user-friendly interface and robust schema markup.

    Importance of Video Marketing (SEO)

    As per our internal survey, people prefer watching a video than reading a long article. Also, it’s easier for people to understand about a product or service by just watching a video. Hence, we take videos seriously and employ video SEO strategies to rank them higher on Google.

    Climbing to the Top

    To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to hire a digital marketing company that uses a strong, structured SEO strategy linking content, analysis, technical SEO and latest Google changes.

    At Pixel Global, we can help you achieve higher rankings on Google. Get in contact with an SEO specialist today and discover the possibilities.

    SEO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • What is Search Engine Optimization?
      Search engine optimization refers to collective strategies that enable your website to appear in search engine results. These collective strategies include strong website structure with optimal on-page optimization, white hat and authoritative link building, quality content marketing and so on. SEO is a process to increase organic traffic to your website.
    • Why my business needs SEO?
      You need SEO services if you have a business that you want to grow online. Treat SEO as an investment in your business that will yield productive returns through increased organic traffic, qualified sales leads and customers. You need SEO services to beat your competition by staying ahead of your rivals on search rankings.
    • Do you provide White Hat SEO services?
      We are a White Hat SEO firm that employs the best SEO practices and SEO methods aligned with Google’s guidelines. Our expert SEO research team works effortlessly to provide you that extra pace to cross over your competitors. And this is only possible with 100% White Hat SEO tools and strategies.
    • Why are you better than other SEO companies?
      We are better than other SEO companies because we deliver what we commit. Our commitments are proposed after doing detailed research on your industry, targeted keywords, competition and other factors. We don’t believe in making false promises and put our word to back it up with our work. Our aim is to provide you with increased revenue from your online business so that your every penny spent on our services is worth.
    • Will SEO increase traffic on my website?
      Yes. Search engine optimization can improve organic traffic by positioning your website higher on search results. Better your website’s visibility on search results, more will be the number of people visiting your website.
    • Can you give page one guarantee for my website?
      As per Google’s guidelines, you should stay away from SEO companies that claim to guarantee first page rankings for your website. In case, any SEO firm claims it, consider that as a dishonest one. Pixel Global believes in doing dedicated work to offer top-notch service and results. Our proven SEO services have helped several clients to achieve page one rankings, and that too without any guarantee!
    • By when can I see results from SEO?
      It is always difficult to predict the time to see final results from a SEO campaign, thanks to over 300 ranking signals. But we guarantee significant improvement on less to medium competitive keywords (long tail keywords) within 3 months of the campaign. More competitive keywords usually take around 6 months to show up higher on search engines. Always remember that unlike paid search traffic, SEO is a long road that takes time to reach your destination, but once reached will give you consistent returns.
    • Can you remove Google penalty from my website?
      Yes, we can remove Google penalty from your website. If you have experienced it for your website, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can share the most effective plan to get your website back in a good position.
    • Do you use any tool to conduct keyword research?
      Pixel Global uses different tools to pick the best keywords for your business as per your industry. We consider different factors and parameters while picking the targeted keywords. These include search volume, competitiveness, the chances of them leading to sales and others. Our expert keyword research team identifies and shortlists only those keywords that can make your SEO campaign a successful one.
    • Do you outsource SEO services?
      We have a team of experienced, enthusiastic, and informed SEO professionals who are committed to serve clients. We maintain best quality services and ethics and never risk compromising them by outsourcing our digital marketing services.


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