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eCommerce Website Design & Development Services

Ecommerce Website Features

A robust structure is a must for any ecommerce website. We use latest technology and features to customize your ecommerce website for more profitability.

Responsive ecommerce website is the need of the hour. Drive sales from across the devices such as desktop, mobile or a tablet. Having a responsive ecommerce website allows you to grow your customer base and thus results in increased sales.
Smooth and Fast experience. Users should not find it difficult to browse through different products, adding them in the cart and finally checking out in seconds.
Product Features and Customization. We understand your business and customize products placement in the website accordingly. Avoiding complex product features and placement in the website is a strictly no for us.
Content Management System. We give you the power to control your website. Yes, we provide you with a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to edit product categories, features, or any other content easily.
Seamless transaction experience. We ensure your ecommerce website contains wide range of payment methods so that users don’t find any difficulty in making the payment for their purchase.

Are you planning to sell your products online and
need a fully functional ecommerce website?

We custom design and develop wordpress ecommerce websites to make your store succeed online!

Advanced Ecommerce Website Features

There is a different between an average and out-of-the-box ecommerce website. And it’s the advanced features that it contains which make it stand out from the rest.

Suggested Pages. Suggested pages in the search bar help in diverting the users to specific products or services, which increase conversion rates. Also, focusing special promotions and offers help in pushing users to specific pages of the ecommerce website.
Related Products. Increase your sales by showing related product pages that are quite similar to the product page that users are viewing. This unique feature makes users to spend more time on your website, thus increasing the probability for sales.
Social Media Options. Putting the social media buttons on every product page increases the chances for the product to be shared over social networks and to be viewed by several people.
Product Filtering. Product Filtering feature gives users an amazing flexibility to browse through products as per their choice and preference. It makes it easy for the users to avoid viewing endless product catalogues and simply land on the products of their choice in seconds.

Ecommerce Website: Strategy and Approach

We have talked about the essential features in an ecommerce website. However, it is the approach and the methodology that make a successful ecommerce website.

Goal-oriented pages. Each page of ecommerce website should have a clear goal. For example, the product page should list the product details, features, questions or doubts about the product and other information to entice customers to make a purchase.
Retain customers. An effort should be made to get returning customers by emailing them with offers, discounts or promotions. Building brand loyalty is a must for any successful ecommerce website online.
Ensure your website is not down. An ecommerce website that is not up and running or frequently gets some error is likely to be avoided by the visitors. We can help to get you a good hosting plan to avoid such issues.

eCommerce Website Packages

Making Quality eCommerce Web Design Services Accessible and Affordable

Our eCommerce website design packages are for everyone – be it a small home business, a retail store, or a full-fletched business. Browse through different features in each eCommerce website design plan and decide which one suits your business requirements perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an ecommerce website?

    Ecommerce website refers to a website through which you can sell your products online. If you are interested in online retail business of your products, then is essential to have a fully functional ecommerce website.

  • How much will it cost to build an ecommerce website?

    We don’t sell pre-built ecommerce templates to customers and create customized ecommerce web solutions as per business requirements. There are several factors to consider when pricing an ecommerce website design, such as features, functionalities, marketing needs and so on. You can share your ecommerce website requirements to receive the best quote possible.

  • What makes Pixel Global different from other local SEO companies?

    Firstly, we don’t make false claims. We only give claims that are thoroughly calculated based on our years of experience in providing proven local SEO results. Secondly, our local SEO team includes professionals from different top-notch SEO companies who have years of experience in getting best results for clients.

  • Can you also promote my ecommerce website?

    Certainly. We do provide search engine optimization services to optimize your ecommerce website. Our SEO services aim to drive traffic to your website for increased sales. We have SEO plans designed specifically for ecommerce websites to ascertain higher ranking in search engines.

  • Can I manage my ecommerce website?

    Managing the ecommerce website would be really simple for you. You can easily update the product categories, details, and make other changes through easy-to-use CMS. We customize eCommerce content management system as per each client.

  • I am not a big retail business. Do you have ecommerce web solutions for small local business?

    Yes, we do have ecommerce website solutions for local businesses and startups. Please contact us with your requirements, and we shall revert you with best possible solution and cost.

  • Can you redesign my ecommerce website?

    Redesigning ecommerce website is something we are proud of doing. We aim to understand your business goals and objective before redesign an ecommerce website. Our redesigning ecommerce plan includes some key considerations such as retaining current SEO rankings, retaining old and adding new functionalities, and other important items.

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