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November 28th, 2020, Posted by Pixel Global

Google has recently published a complete guide with tips to create more compelling Web Stories. This guide would definitely help publishers to include innovative ideas to create better Web Stories. Let’s read on to get a complete idea of how to create amazing web stories and video series.

Web Stories Content Format

Web Stories refers to a form of content that acts as snackable content for users who are on the go or want to quickly pass the time with light content.

Google promotes Web Stories across different properties, including Search, News, and Discover. That is why publishers, nowadays, are using Web Stories as an opportunity to attract more traffic.
Web Stories often acts as an additional traffic channel. For example, YouTube and podcasting are traffic channels, ways to attract visitors that go beyond the traditional blue links in search results.
Similarly, Web Stories are an opportunity to tap into and grow a devoted following that returns day after day for more content.

Web Stories Creative Tips

Google has shared 7 creative tips, to introduce publishers to the Web Stories format and all the creative possibilities.

1. Use Video

We all know the role of the video when it comes to engaging users. To take the advantage of the mobile screen, simply optimize your landscape videos by converting them into videos in portrait ratio in 9:16. By creating a full-bleed video, you can enable readers to focus on a single key subject. Use closed captions if you have a video with audio.

2. First-person storytelling

Create your own stories and be the protagonist of it. Stories are the first mobile-native medium. Use the front-facing camera to capture the assets for your story. Also, make sure you deliver a full-screen portrait experience to the viewer since most consumption happens and continues to grow on mobile devices.

3. Take Advantage of Your Brand Identify

Your main aim is to enhance your brand recognition. A brand identity is the face of your brand. It includes your visual style, your logo, and the colors you use. These visible elements identify and distinguish your brand in consumers’ minds. The more engaging your content is, the more popular your brand will be. Make your brand so popular that people get to know at a moment’s glance that this Web Story is from your brand. Remember, consistency in branding leads to comfort and loyalty. Be sure to import your color palette and logo into your favorite Web Story creation tool.

4. Display Infographics and Dynamic Visuals

To create an easy to consume narrative, one can blend video, audio, images, animation, and text. By using dynamic visuals and infographics, you can easily engage your viewers. When you use graphs and charts, it becomes easier to understand a topic even by using minimal text. It can be a great way to inform your reader quickly and clearly.

5. Get a Boost from Illustrations

Including illustrations in your copy can be an easy way to leave a great impression on your audience or viewers. So, try to work on some illustrations and animations in your story if you can. They bring life to your story. Add anything relevant that you like, from funny comics to hand-drawn cartoons. You can also create illustrations in other popular design tools, optimize them, and use them in your creation tool as a PNG file.

6. Post Quizzes and Polls

When your Web Stories include interactive components (like quizzes and polls), they become more interactive. Many visual editors work on supporting these new features so that you can use them without any technical or coding knowledge. Quizzes and polls can enhance engagement and make your stories more compelling.

7. Build Excitement Through Animations

When you include animation in your stories, it makes visuals more interesting and enjoyable, helping each item stand out. It gives perfect timing and style and adds a tone and message to your story. Choose an animation style that suits your aesthetic, also be mindful of how quickly things move.

Google reveals that using videos is beneficial because they are engaging. The Web Stories format should be using a 9:16 aspect ratio that’s in portrait mode.

Though Google doesn’t explain why the first-person storytelling format is beneficial other than giving the Web Stories a “personal touch”, it can make your story even more appealing and engaging.

The encouragement to use your brand identity makes sense when you have a visually recognizable logo and color scheme. They make your story consumable and distinguish your brand. When the viewers watch a new video that includes your logo and color scheme, they start becoming more comfortable with your brand, and a sense of familiarity is born that enhances your brand identity.

Google recommends original illustrations or cartoons for making the Web Stories lively. According to Google, stock images and videos aren’t enough if you really want to enhance your brand identity.

Considering Google’s explanations, we can say one can use stock images at the starting point. If you know the uses of image processing software like Photoshop, you can easily alter a stock image or combine two more stock images and create a unique image. After all, good original content is always the best.

  • Storytime – Google Web Stories Video Series
    Google’s also published a video series that provides insights on how to create great Web Stories. Google calls it Storytime. The short and simple videos do not demand much attention or commitment of time.

    The topics begin with an introduction and provide examples of high-quality web stories, and moves on to production tips. It also shares how to build a narrative, how to surface your Web Stories content for more traffic and other topics related to the technical aspects of creating attractive Web Stories.

  • Put in the Effort and Reap the Rewards
    Web Stories may seem a daunting task to bring more leads. This slight learning curve can act as a barrier to entry to the untalented, lazy, and unambitious, which means there’s more scope for those willing to put some time into learning the new format and enjoying the rewards.
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