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Why Design A Website For Your Business

The website works! It does not matter what your business or profession is, if you have a website, you can experience the difference. A website can generate business and promote goodwill among your customers and prospects. It is a way to convey a strong marketing message. Irrespective of whether your business is small, medium, large, well established or brand new, a responsive website can ensure fantastic business growth. Numerous reasons tell that you need a website for your business. Just a few are –

  • Website is the medium to tell your customers who you are:

    If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, creating your identity to your audience is more difficult than you think it is. With a website, you can showcase your businesses to your potential audience and tell them about your product or services. By surfing your website, they get to know who you are and from where you are!

  • You reach your business globally, in every corner of the world and attract new customers:

    Over 81% of people search for a product or service online before making a purchase decision. With a website, you will get the chance to get a fair share of this highly competitive market. Since your website is available 24/7/365, even when you are not, you will be able to reach your potential clients from all over the world and keep your business always on.

  • You become a reliable name to your ideal audience with a website:

    Over 56%of people stated that they don’t trust a business without a website. That means having a website enhances your credibility as a legitimate business. When you choose a reliable web development company for designing your website, you can make a strong impression on your audience with a beautiful and responsive website.

  • It is an easy and affordable way to promote your business:

    To get a website, you don’t need to be tech-savvy. Making a website is quick and painless for you when you choose a quality website development company. You can simply signup to get a website. It does not matter whether you need WordPress website development or want to develop a website on another platform, you can get the best in class solution from the best web design and development company.

    The best part of having a website is, you can promote your business at the most competitive prices. Doing SEO and maintaining organic traffic can be a great way to boost your business growth.

  • It is a must for e-commerce businesses:

    If you have an e-commerce business, doing e-commerce website development is a must to encourage your potential audience to try out your products or services. With an efficient e-commerce website development, you can ensure customer satisfaction. However, when it comes to e-commerce website development, hiring the best e-commerce website development company is highly important. Your e-commerce website represents your business to your potential customers.

Website Design And Development Packages

Making Quality Web Design Services Accessible and Affordable

Every business has a unique identity – which we believe, should also reflect in its website design. That’s why, instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, we provide multiple website design packages that ideally cater to the needs of a wide a range of small & medium size to enterprise level website design projects.

Cost To Design Your Website


    100% Custom Design
    We never use pre-designed template

    Is your website mobile-friendly?

    Having a website does not mean that it is optimized for mobiles or tablets. In today’s world, where our life is completely dependant on Smartphones, making your website mobile-friendly or implementing AMP is a must.

    What is AMP?

    AMP refers to a ghost website specially created for mobile devices. It is a stripped-down version of your main website. When implemented AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), you will be able to

    • Speed up your site on mobile
    • Boost your mobile ranking

    There are multiple reasons that you should choose a web development company that is an expert in implementing AMP to make your website mobile-friendly. You must make your website mobile-friendly because

    • Google prioritizes the mobile-friendly websites the most
    • More than 90% of people use mobile phones, and they search for a product or service on their phone
    • When your website opens up on mobile devices and tablets easily, it boosts your credibility the most.
    • By implementing AMP, you can reach more customers faster.
    • Google has already recommended making your site mobile friendly.
    • When optimized with mobile, your website will look great and function well on any device.
    • A mobile-friendly website boosts your brand identity

    Being the best website development company, we understand how to make your website mobile-friendly with the right mobile-friendly content and by implementing other marketing strategies.

    We build websites that sell:

    Having a website is not everything if it does not bring revenue to your business. Our web development agency ensures you get a website that has all the features to attract visitors and turn them into your potential customers. Being the best web design agency, we can give your business that special touch of technology with creativity that ensures a great ROI in the long term.

    If you are looking for a web development company that understands your business and designs the layout keeping all your requirements in mind, then Pixel Global is the name you are searching for.

    Our Promises

    Being the best web design company, we have some promises to fulfill and set our agency apart from the others. It is our personal approach to achieve service excellence –

    • Unique designs:

      When the experts, at our web design company design a site, it would never be identical to any other. If you find an identical design, we would change it for free.

    • On-time delivery:

      We promise to offer you the best in class design on time. We don’t have any previous record of being late by more than two days.

    • Customized solutions:

      The expertise of our website development company is, we shape your imagination and customize your website just the way you want.

    • Speedy repairs:

      When you hire our website design company, you can rest assured there is a technical expert always at your service to help your website with any issue. If you don’t get an answer from us within one business day, we will pay for it.

    • Flexible approach:

      Don’t like WordPress website development? No problem! We are equally flexible on any platform you want your website to be developed.

      Looking for a website development agency that can help you by offering the best in class website design & development services? Then, talk to our consultant today!

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