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Social Media Management Company For Small Business

Social Media Strategies that Work

Being social has become a necessity in this ever-evolving social world. We create effective social media strategies to enhance your communication with audiences over different social media networks.

Our social media team performs the needs analysis to create a formidable social media strategy. Understanding client’s requirements and audiences help to identify the best social networks beneficial to the business.

Creating and publishing powerful, engaging and great content appeals and attracts audiences towards your business. We aim to form a content strategy that focus on communicating with audiences, enticing them to visit your website and making purchases.

We intent to increase your authority and influence by increasing your social presence. The more engaging content we create for you, the more number of people will get influenced towards your brand.

Are you finding it hard to connect with your target audience on social media?

Allow us to manage your social media accounts and see the difference yourself!

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Ongoing Social Media Management

It is important to stay up and running on social media to remain super active among your target audiences. We manage your social media to ensure timely responses to audiences and to constantly review the content that establishes you as a brand.

We carefully analyze the type of content that we post and how well it performs. This trend analysis works to your advantage and results in a successful social media management campaign.
We believe in continued social consulting to create a trustworthy name for yourselves. Our proactive approach ensures that the ongoing social consulting and management is aligned with the overall goals and objectives.
We employ effective social media monitoring tools to keep a close track on all our activities. The monitoring tools provides key data to measure popularity and engagement of the content and how we can improve it for better results.

Social Media Management Packages

Leveraging the Immense Power of Social World!

We custom tailor each Social Media Plan as per your business needs. Each Social Media Marketing plan aims to help establish your brand online through increased interaction, engagement and conversations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Social Media Management?

    Social Media Management involves establishing your business over social networks. It further includes optimal communication with the target audience, answers customers’ queries/doubts, promotes products or services, increasing brand visibility and so on.

  • Why should I opt for Social Media Management?

    You should opt for social media management services to stay connected with your customers, announcing new offers and discounts, and resolving customers’ queries or concerns. In fact, social media is the most effective platform to establish brand visibility and awareness.

  • What makes Pixel Global different from other local SEO companies?

    Firstly, we don’t make false claims. We only give claims that are thoroughly calculated based on our years of experience in providing proven local SEO results. Secondly, our local SEO team includes professionals from different top-notch SEO companies who have years of experience in getting best results for clients.

  • Which social management tools will you use?

    We use different third-party tools that provide best social media campaign performance.

  • Will social media increase my sales?

    It depends how you are using social media for your business. You can use social media to generate more sales by driving traffic to your website. You can also use social media only to communicate with your customers, to answer their questions or increasing brand visibility.

  • Which social platforms will you use?

    We will first analyze your business to identify the purpose and objective for social media management. It is important to know the specific goal before creating a social media campaign. Facebook and Instagram are good options to increase sales while LinkedIn can be used to generate leads.

  • How much I need to pay to opt for social media management services?

    We have different social media management plans on offer. You can choose a plan that best suits your business requirements. In case, you are clueless on which plan to use, please contact us. We will understand your business needs and suggest you the best plan or customize a new plan to give you best results.

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