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Custom Web Design & Development Services

We build websites using custom and semantic codes aligned with the owners preferences. Our professionals create these websites from scratch and customize to make them responsive and SEO friendly.

Custom Website Design that is Creative and Innovative

Design a website is like designing the layout of your home. It should be innovative, useful and most importantly attractive. Additionally, it should be aligned with your overall business and should be easy to use for the visitors.

We never design without thinking and consulting. Yes! We put strong focus on understanding your business to learn about your likes, dislikes, specific web design ideas or requirements before creating a prototype of your website.
A website without a vision is like life without happiness. Once our team captures key information, our expert web design team sits and creates different designs to capture the vision of your business. A creative web design is what comes out after several hours of brainstorming and effort.
While creating a custom web design, we always consider conversions in mind. Having a dynamic website does not mean anything if visitors are not getting converted to potential customers. The best website company always build websites to engage people by defining clear paths to opt for your products or services.

Your website reflects you and your business.
Have you ever thought what impression does it leave on the visitors?

Being a web design services company, we offer custom web design for small and mid-size companies fully customized as per specific requirements!

Search Engine Friendly Website Design And Development For Better Conversions

What’s the point if you can’t be found on Google?

It’s the search engines that crawl and navigate your website and places it in search results. This means that your website should be designed to get best results from SEO. Your website should be easily read by search engine robots.

We aim for robust website architecture to ensure your website is user friendly and easy to be navigate and crawl by the search engine robots. This further enables the crawler to index your website pages faster and frequently.
Better content placement and quality content plays an important role in a website design that is capable to rank better in search engine results. We ensure your content is formatted correctly as per the web design and user interface and complements each other perfectly.
Google puts emphasis on website speed and bounce rates as important metrics for ranking any website. While creating a static website or a mobile responsive website design, we ensure quick load time and lower bounce rates. We achieve lower bounce rates by keeping a positive website experience for the users.

Business Custom Website Design Packages

Making Quality Web Design Services Accessible and Affordable

Every business has a unique identity – which we believe, should also reflect in its website design. That’s why, instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, we provide multiple website design packages that ideally cater to the needs of a wide a range of small & medium size to enterprise level website design projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should you have a website and why a good design is important?

    A website is like a door online to allow visitors to get interested in your products or services. The website design is equally important to convert those visitors into actual paying customers. A user-friendly interface, engaging content, easy to navigate paths, and clear listing of products or services always make a positive user experience.

  • How much it will cost for a website design?

    The cost of a website design in decided after knowing the exact requirements. The more customizations in a website, more will be the cost. The best part about our custom website design services is that we don’t pick my pre-built website template and modify it to fit your business. Our static website containing up to 10 pages starts at $1000 and go up depending on the customizations or features expected.

  • What process I need to follow if I opt for your website design services?

    Our website design process starts with a website design questionnaire that aims to capture key information about your business. Once we have all the information, our expert web design team creates a prototype as per shared information. We may get into a call prior to prototype design in case our team wants more specific inputs from you. The prototype gets revised as per your feedback and inputs, if any and then the final web design gets under construction.

  • How much time you will take to complete my website design?

    Again, the timelines to complete a website design depends how complex the design is. We, however, after analyzing the complexities and functionalities in a website, convey the timelines in advance and never miss them.

  • Do you also offer website hosting services?

    Yes! We do offer website hosting and maintenance services if requested. We have website maintenance plans that include hosting and monitoring your website.

  • Why Pixel Global different from other web design companies?

    We are not different from other web designing companies but we create or build websites differently. It’s the different approach that we take to create any website that makes us better than our rival companies. We always keep SEO in mind while designing any website to make it easier to rank in search engine results.

  • Which platforms or tools will you use for website design and development?

    We usually use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator for design work and develop websites using different platforms such as WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, Drupal, Magenta, Foundation, MySQL and others. We propose our clients to go with WordPress for content-rich websites.

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