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July 3rd, 2019, Posted by Pixel Global

In today’s world of digitalization, every business wants to present themselves online to become a brand. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you would understand how difficult it is to get recognized and distinguish your business in this highly competitive market.

If you want to reach your potential clients, having a website is a must. However, owning a website is not all, if it is not ranking on the search engines. You need to optimize it to rank on Google or other search engines.

Everyone is in the race to rank up their website on the top page of the search engines. Before discussing how long it takes to rank on the top page of Google, let’s clear two things –

  • Is ranking everything for a website or should I focus on the website?
  • Is it difficult to rank on the top page?
  • Is ranking everything for a website or how much does ranking matter?
    Undoubtedly, rankings are important but getting qualified traffic is the true measurement of SEO. However, ranking some keywords on top is not going to make a great difference in your business. You need to make sure that the leads are generating, and for that, optimizing your website and getting organic traffic is a must.

    If you want to rank a few of your keywords on the top page of the search engine, any professional agency can make it happen within a month. But again, they will rank the keywords on the top, not your business. This means, with these high ranking keywords, your business is not going to get potential leads.

    With internal links, external links, and social links, it is possible for anyone to increase the ranking.

    If you want a good result from your keyword ranking, make sure your website is well optimized, the content on every page is rich with information and they are optimized with the targeted keywords.

  • Is it difficult to rank on top of Google or how to rank on the first page?
    Nowadays, sticking to the website is not a wise idea. You should upgrade your business with mobile apps and social media promotions. It is indeed difficult to get on the top page but not impossible. There are a number of factors that determine whether your website will rank on page 1 or not. They are –

    • The type of site: Whether the site is new or the existing one
    • Keywords: How competitive and relevant the keywords are
    • The place: Where your site is ranking on the basis of the targeted keywords
    • Popularity: The popularity of the site greatly matters

    If you are a start-up with a brand-new website with no keywords, no links, no popularity, and no end-user signal, it might take years to make your website appear on the first page.

    This duration depends on the industry your business belongs to. If it is a super competitive industry, it might take years to rank up, on the contrary, you can get the first-page rank within a few months if the competition is less.

    If you have an existing website with a bit of popularity, it is easy to take the challenge and rank up your business.

1. Why is it important to rank your website on the top page?

When we search for any business or product on the search engines, we check the first page and hardly see the second one. We rarely go to the rest.

Google’s search results are becoming more robust day by day with answer boxes, knowledge panels, local results, expandable related questions and more. Since there are a number of ways to be distinguished, struggling for the top ranking is worth the effort and money.

  • Significantly higher clickthrough rate:
    Since the first page of Google gets the maximum footfall, your high-ranking website can get significant clickthrough rate. According to a study, a website on Google gets the following clickthrough rates

    • First page: 36.4%
    • Second page: 12.5%
    • Third page: 9.5%

    So, if you are not on the first page of Google, you are missing a lot of clicks and opportunities.

  • Visibility is improved:
    Let me explain it in a different way. For example, you have a hardware business. If you are given a choice between setting up your business on the main road of a town/city and quiet side street, what would you choose? Of course the first one, right? Why? Because there are more customers than the latter option.
    When you get your business on the first page, you set your business up on the main road of the town that gets almost 167 billion searches every month.
  • Trust factor:
    When a website rank on the first page, a trust factor works. We tend to believe the websites more that are on the first page than the rest. This means, when your website rank on the top page, it not only gets visibility but also becomes a reliable name among the visitors and your potential clients.
  • Brand recognition:
    Want to transform your business into a brand? When your website ranks on the first page on Google, it automatically gets brand recognition. With extreme visibility and traffic, your small business transforms into a brand.
  • Enhanced engagement:
    According to Adweek, more than 81% of shoppers research online before buying anything. With the help of Google’s SERPs, consumers can learn about the product, compare and engage with your business before clicking on your result.
  • Build your audience:
    The best part of getting on the first page of Google is, you get the opportunity to build your audience. And for that, all you need to do is to develop high-quality, evergreen content and promote them through different social media channels.

2. How many ways are there to get on the top page of Google?

The goal of almost every businessman is to present their business on the top page of Google. However, one thing to remember is, Google does not focus on quantity but on quality. So, if you really want to be on the first page, make sure your content is rich in quality.

Google’s algorithm follows a number of factors to rank the website. However, there are other ways that increase your chances to be on the first page. They are –

  • Organic result: Website pages and blog posts
  • Local or maps selection: Google my business listing
  • Paid ads: Landing pages
  • People also ask“: Snippets of your website

3. How are websites ranked?

Well, we have already discussed how long does it take to get on the top page or why it is necessary to rank your website on the first page. Now, the question is how the websites are ranked. You might have observed, when you type anything on the search bar of Google, pages are shown depending on how well they match up your query.

No one knows the exact formulae for placing your website at the top or how Google works to rank your website. However, there are a number of factors that play a vital role in the ranking process. Below are discussed the factors.

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization or SEO enables your website to be visible to robots and other indexing programs. For effective SEO, you need to optimize your website with keywords, titles, metadata, headings and ALT tags.
  • Domain age: The older your website domain is, the more chances your website gets to rank higher. A website with less than 6months old domain is considered a new site. The new sites are less trustworthy. On the contrary, an old domain goes through several verification processes, thus earns the trust of Google. A new site can also appear on the top but after the six months window.
  • Keyword competition: Choosing highly competitive keywords are not always effective, especially when your website is new. If your website is new, you should build trust and rank it high with relatively low competitive keywords.
  • Content quality: Never compromise with the quality of the content if you want to rank your site higher. Before posting your content, be ensured that the content is original, unique and plagiarism free. Google bots are specially designed to check the quality and uniqueness of your content. Keep your site live with posting high-quality content regularly.
  • Clean domain: Say a big No to keyword stuffing. The almighty Google is smarter than us. Google’s algorithm is specially created to identify whether you have performed any black hat SEO or not. You might have to pay a heavy penalty for that. Once you get penalized, your ranking will suffer and it will take a longer time to get you back in the business.
  • Optimize for mobile: It’s time to get smarter. Optimize your website and make it mobile friendly. Remember, most of the consumers search the products/services they need on their Smartphone. Therefore, make sure your website is adjustable with the mobile display.
  • Be socially active: This might not help you directly but it has a great indirect impact. Social media is the best way to communicate with your audience. With social media engagement, you can increase brand value and become more visible.

4. Google Ads to get your website on the top page:

You can get your website on the top page at free of cost but it takes time. If you want to make it faster, you can run a paid search campaign. Paid search ads can help your website to appear top on the search result. However, Google Ads don’t help in promoting your site organically. In order to make a successful Google Ad, you should

  • Write a competitive ad copy
  • Use negative keywords
  • Implement tracking with tracked phone number and links
  • Optimize your landing pages
  • Track the campaign metrics

It is indeed a great feeling to have your website rank on the first page. However, remember that holding the position is more difficult than achieving it. There are millions of businesses who are constantly striving to get your position.

It is better to hire an agency or a company who can take care of your website and optimize it in order to rank higher and hold the position. If you are a small business owner, find a good agency to survive the competition and rank higher.

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