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March 28th, 2020, Posted by Pixel Global

How Google’s Corona Results Page Has Been Evolving Every Day

In less than a month, the outbreak of coronavirus has changed the Google search result dramatically. While just a few months ago, the corona was only known as the Mexican beer brand, the novel coronavirus is now haunting everyone in the world. Since its outbreaks, Google’s search page is constantly changing its result with COVID-19 related information. Starting from February 25 to March 27, the coronavirus has spread rapidly over the globe.

We have shared a chart of Google search results from 25th February 2020 to 27th March 2020 to show how coronavirus has evolved and spread rapidly across the globe and dominating the SERPs.

1. February 25:

When searched about “corona” on this date from Wayback Machine, a map of Corona, California appeared on the “top stories carousel”, while the Wikipedia page for California appeared third on the organic listing.

The beer brand Corona is appeared in the knowledge panel for the query and secured the top 2 positions in the organic listing, and its Wikipedia page appeared on the fourth. “Searches related to” and “People also ask” box both pertained to the beverage brand. the Twitter account was on the 8th position in the search result.

2. March 2:

Just after 6 days, the Snapchat shows that COVID-19 SOS alert has been created and appeared on the top of the results. The right sidebar knowledge panel, showing the brand, is now gone, and instead, “the Help and information” and “Safety Tips” box appeared there between the top stories and organic listings.

The beer brand’s website is still visible in the top two organic results, and the Wiki page for the brand appeared on the third in the search results. However, the “People also Ask” box entirely disappeared.

The two top stories and two organic results are about discussing its impact on the beer brand.

3.March 9:

Now the entire top stories carousel consists of corona-related articles.

There are two organic results related to corona without mentioning its impact on the beer brand. However, the California city and the official site of the beer brand are still maintaining similar visibility just as it was on March 2. At the bottom, the “Searches related to” section is showing eight beer-related search suggestions.

4. March 20:

The SOS alert is removed, instead, a tabbed COVID-19 Alert section, highlighted in red, has appeared on the right sidebar. These tabs include all information about COVID-19, its symptoms, prevention, treatment and an overview section with a “Help and information” box inside.

The four positions out of 9 positions in the organic results include COVID-19 related content. There is also appearing an expandable “common questions” box related to the virus between the third and fourth listing.

The beer brand’s website appeared on the number one and number four listing. However, the Wikipedia page, Twitter account, and other sites related to the city are now gone. In fact the “Searches related to” section is also disappeared.

5. March 23:

The COVID-19 alert section is now moved to the left side of the page, and a statistics tab is created. Now you can filter the main search results column by selecting the tab to see information about it, whereas, earlier the information was displayed in the COVID-19 Alert section.

Google has started showing a statistic mode on the right side of the SERP. The alert section and the statistics are now a part of Google’s expanded COVID-19 search experience, announced on 21st March Saturday.

The top two organic results appeared are from the World Health Organization and from the New York Times. And the third one in the listing is Worldmeter’s COVID-19 tracker. It displays statistics for the virus. The other listing towards the bottom of the page and the “Help and Information” box, “Prevention” box and “local and health authorities” on Twitter are all about the virus.

6. March 27:

The COVID-19 alert section is now shifted to the right side keeping the statistics tab as same as it was on March 23. The top stories are now all about the latest news about the virus.

While the top result is still from the WHO, the second and the third position in the listing is replaced by the Worldometer’s COVID-19 tracker.

Nasa’s website is appearing on the 4th position of the listing in the search results. This site is all about the “Sun’s Corona”, the outermost part of the Sun’s atmosphere. It seems the Sun’s Corona website is going to change its position within a few days.

Google is continuously changing its SERP and updating the information about Corona. Now, all we can do is wait and see what Google does in the coming days. Stay at home and Stay Safe!

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