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April 16th, 2019, Posted by Pixel Global

Are you sure that you are not making any mistakes while applying SEO strategies?

Have you ever wondered why are your SEO techniques not working? In spite of putting extreme efforts to optimize your website, why are the results not up to the mark? Or why is your online organic traffic flow decreasing? Why is the ranking of the website not improving even after constant efforts?

Have you ever wondered where exactly have you been wrong all this while? We know these questions are overwhelming. Many website owners face these issues, in spite of spending a lot of time, energy and money behind the optimization of their websites. As these questions are bothering us as well, in this blog we are going to try and figure out the most commonly made Top Ten SEO mistakes that lead to such disastrous results. Keep reading this blog to know more.

Why do people make mistakes in the application of SEO techniques?

See, most of the time we don’t make mistakes knowingly, isn’t it? This statement is equally applicable in the case of mistakes that are made while applying relevant SEO Strategies. SEO is a vast and diverse world. Gaining knowledge regarding the nitty-gritty of SEO is not just everyone’s cup of tea. It may seem simple from the surface, but the subject is never that easy to grab. Mistakes may occur when the knowledge remains half-cooked or when, maybe, the knowledge is not applied properly.

Apart from this, the fact cannot be denied that the concept of SEO is ever-changing. One SEO tactic that was highly-functional yesterday could lose its importance right now. Although the basic theories of SEO remain the same, the algorithms used by a search engine can change any minute. Therefore, sticking to an age-old SEO technique can be the very first mistake that you made in the very first place.

Also, SEO involves a lot of research. This research takes place in more ways than one. Minute analysis of the updated search engine algorithm, proper keyword analysis (including long tail keywords), and performing minute scrutiny of the ongoing SEO trends in the market forms the crux of the basic SEO related research. Even if you miss out on a seemingly unimportant point, while researching, this can result in a prominent mistake with regards to SEO.

Which are the top ten SEO Mistakes that you should definitely avoid in 2019?

  • #1 – Applying Keywords which are not relevant

    Researching and applying proper keywords in order to optimize a piece of content is the most basic technique used for search engine optimization. Choosing and positioning appropriate keywords in a blog or throughout the body of a website can optimize a website or a webpage to a great extent. On the other hand, if you start positioning irrelevant keywords in your content, this can hamper the process of optimization more than you can imagine. Using long tail keywords, apart from the generic ones, can actually do the trick for you. But yes, never forget the fact that you need to be extra careful while choosing keywords so that you can actually reach the kind of audience that you have targeted for your website.

  • #2 – Not taking care of Keyword Density

    As we are discussing about the keywords, choosing the correct keywords is just not enough. Maintaining proper keyword density is also a big part. Stuffing the content with unregulated keywords everywhere is not the correct way of content optimization. In fact, keyword stuffing can actually lead to dangerous consequences. There are many websites that follow the method of scattering the keywords here and there throughout, as a part of SEO. But we are sorry to say that this can result in the site being completely neglected by the search engine, being considered as spam or being banned on the whole. If you have been doing the same, stop this unwanted use of keywords at once.

  • #3 – Not using any Keyword in the website

    Taking the discussion regarding keywords ahead, please keep in mind that ‘Keywords’ are extremely necessary to optimize a site. Not using them at all is not a very great decision. There are websites and webpages that wants to keep things organic and not plan any content with keywords in them. But even organic traffic towards a website is driven with the help of essentially relevant keywords present in the websites. If you are confused regarding the use of keywords, you can ask for professional help from any SEO Expert. But never even think about neglecting the matter of keywords on the whole.

  • #4 – Unnatural amount of Backlinks

    Building backlinks is a great way to optimize and increase the organic flow of traffic towards your website. The key aspect here is that you need to develop backlinks that are useful and also looks natural, not forced. Let us consider an example here. If you own a personal blog website and create at least 150-200 backlinks in the span of say 30 days, this will seem logical as well as natural. But on the other hand, if you create 150-200 backlinks in the span of 7 days, that will not seem natural at all. This will give rise to search engine suspicion and eventually get you punished for such deeds. Therefore, unnaturally backlinking has to be avoided at all costs.
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  • #5 – Poor quality of Backlinks

    Talking of building backlinks for your website, always keep in mind that quality should be given the first priority in this case, not quantity. If you are able to get 5-10 standard backlinks for your site, that should be enough actually. You don’t really need to create hundred irrelevant and poor backlinks. Also, buying links or exchanging links with another site unethically can get you severely penalized. So you need to be careful. Building natural backlinks in the websites that are somewhat relevant to yours are far more impactful that building backlinks in niche markets that has nothing to do with your website.

  • #6 – Contents which are poor in quality

    Now let us shift our focus on the contents that are contained in a website. Any website, be it a business website or a personal one, contains different sections of content, such as the ‘About Me/Us’ Section, Services Section, Blog Section, so on and so forth. Each section deserves a specific kind of content of its own. And as they say, ‘content is king’ when it comes to attracting online audiences towards a particular website or webpage. Special kind of attention has to be given to each specific section of content. Filling up the sections with anything and everything is just not going to work. Poor quality content is one of the key hindrances in the way of optimization of a website.

  • #7 – Contents that are copied from somewhere else

    Taking the discussion regarding contents forward, we have another very serious issue here that needs to be addressed. Plagiarism has to be negated on the whole in order to optimize any website according to the requirements of a search engine. Google takes the issue of plagiarism as a serious offense and takes down any content that has even the smallest trait of plagiarism in it. Many websites have been duly punished for this very same mistake. Therefore, content that is useful, informative, have relevant keywords in the correct density and content that is not copied directly from any source is given a first-class ranking in the search engine result pages. Taking plagiarism loosely is a mistake that you should obviously avoid.

  • #8 – Not applying any strategies for Local SEO
    Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very fruitful when it comes to the promotion of any local business online and fetching potential customers. It gives the opportunity to local businesses for the marketing of their services and products in front of locally available consumers. Local SEO works best when the viewers are looking for those exact services or products online. Some of the Local SEO techniques are completely different from the standard SEO practices. Therefore, while focusing on the standard SEO needs, businesses with a local intent completely neglect Local SEO most of the time. This is another grave SEO mistake. If you really want to grab more attention, why not start with the local audiences?
  • #9 – Not taking care of the speed of a website
    Now let us talk about another very noticeable SEO mistake. What exactly is the speed in case of a website? Well, once the URL link or name of a website appears on the search engine result page and you click on it to view the website (or a particular webpage), a certain amount of time is taken in the processing before the website ultimately opens up in front of your eyes. The time taken to reach a website is actually considered to be the speed of the website. The faster it is, the more convenient it becomes for the viewers to reach the website. There are many such instances where a viewer ultimately clicks on the back button or goes on to another website link, only because a webpage is taking too long to load. This eventually results in the loss of potential viewers of a website. This is another SEO mistake that you are not supposed to commit at all.
  • #10 – Not incorporating a blog section in the website

    Okay, so we cannot deny that the Blog Section of any website is an important addition. It brings out various aspects related to the website as well as tells us about a variety of topics & subjects that are closely or loosely related to the website. Well-written, logically structured, and insightful blog pieces help in the optimization of a website. It creates a regular flow of organic traffic. Blogs are also a highly popular medium for gathering necessary information online. We have seen that many websites, dealing with product sales or local services, think that including blogs in their websites is not necessary. This is not true in any respect. Blogs are as essential as any other distinctive SEO strategy. Not including a blog section on your website is another such SEO mistake which you should gladly avoid.

Striking a Perfect Balance Between Various SEO Strategies

Let us give you a secret! The elementary success, with regards to SEO, comes from a fine balance that is established between all the SEO strategies that you are willing to implement in order to optimize your website. Every strategy is as important as another. Due importance has to be given to each one of them. Neglecting one strategy completely and over-doing the other can never be a feasible solution to the SEO mistakes that you have been performing all this while. Here, striking a perfect balance between all the SEO strategies is what you need to do to get rid of the conventional SEO mistakes.

Please make sure that you thoroughly go through every single aspect that has been mentioned in this blog. We are just trying to guide you through the tough lanes. Your ventures into the realm of SEO will obviously improve with time and experience. We wish you all the very best from our end.

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