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July 19th, 2019, Posted by Pixel Global

Have you ever noticed multiple thumbs up for a positive review for a specific business? What is your thought about this? Do you take it positively or is it look like spam to you?

Well, this conversation is like a never-ending topic. However, the fact is, businesses hire agencies to increase the likes on their positive Google reviews. They assume that it would help their businesses in some way. Now the million-dollar question is, how much would it affect the business?

In today’s technology-friendly world, defining the like button of a Google review is nothing but wasting words. Google first allowed this function in 2016. It does not have any thumbs down button. That means one can only like it. Also, there is no prevention from hitting the button. Anyone, including the business owners, can like the review.

  • Do ‘likes’ really influence Google?

    According to a study, 85% of the time, Google highlights the reviews with one or multiple likes and 15% of the time it shows the reviews with zero like. Google does this irrespective of positive or negative reviews of your business.

  • How does the review like function?

    Since 85% of the time Google shows the liked reviews, business owners often pay SEO people to increase the likes. They even instruct their employees to like positive reviews. But there is no official rule for this. One can only assume. According to a poll created on twitter about how logical it is to hit the like button on the positive reviews of a company, 32% replied that it would be spam, 53% voted for that is absolutely fine and 15% have no idea.

    Well, this is just a poll and the actual result is unknown to even Google’s own staff.
    Now, if you, as a business owner or a visitor, like a positive review, it will never be counted as spam. Google uses automated spam detection measures. If they find a review got hit multiple likes within a short time frame, they will detect it as spam and remove the review.

  • How to make the right use of the Google review likes? Guidelines

    • As a business owner, hitting the like button on a nice review is the way to say thank you. Make it this much easy and straight-forward. This might influence your Google business profile in a positive way.
    • Don’t instruct your employees to like your brand reviews:
    • This includes the paid likes too. Don’t pay any agency or instruct your employees to like your brand reviews. Google’s spam detector is smart enough to detect and remove the review which might affect your business reputation.
    • Don’t hit the like on your competitors’ negative reviews:
    • No one knows how Google is going to play with you. Multiple likes on a negative review can also be detected as spam.

    If you suspect anyone is inflating review likes on positive or negative reviews, flag the review. Google will inspect and take action.

  • Can Google review likes influence the local brands?

    If earning a reputation in the market is your main motto, don’t run after the little thumbs. Instead, engage your time in improving your products and services and communicate with your potential customers through social media. This will increase engagement and boost your reviews.

  • What is your thought? You can share your thinking with us in the comment section.

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