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Here’s an exclusive view of all the services that we have in store for you

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It has become extensively important for a business to be prominently visible online in order to make profits. Our experts of SEO in Lancaster can easily improve the online visibility of your personal or business websites and increase the flow of organic traffic that leads to business conversions. So if you want your existing website to be optimized in such a way that it reaches the online targeted audiences, we are the ultimate solution for you.

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Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For any local business to gain enough local attention, local SEO strategies are supposed to be implemented. Our services of local SEO in Lancaster aim at improving the local visibility of a website or a webpage on the SERP of any search engine, including Google, Google Maps and others. So if you have a business that targets the local audiences, then let us help you out in attracting more local crowd through our stand-out local SEO techniques.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

In the case of online advertisements, you need to pay a certain amount every time a viewer clicks on an online ad that you have placed. This increases the traffic flow to your website. But you need to know the location to place such ads to gain maximum clicks. We are specialized in PPC Marketing strategies and our experts can help you in choosing the exact places where such marketing campaigns will receive exact attention that it deserves.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Every business and brand need to be more visible on social media platforms in order to gain popularity and attract the common crowd. Social media can be the main source of fetching more potential customers towards your enterprise. Social media marketing can be messy at times but we have a skilled team of social media advisors and experts that can help you in chalking out strategies that are out-of-the-box and highly effective.

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Custom Website Designing & Development

Businesses need websites that give details about their services or products and also do justice to their business motives in terms of visibility, appeal, significant contents, categorize, and so on. We have a team of multi-talented website experts and we offer complete website design and development of your personal as well as business websites. We can easily take care of your needs and design websites that are best suitable for your kind of business venture.

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E-Commerce Website Designing & Development Services

Each e-commerce website has to be uniquely designed to attract more and more potential customers. Most e-commerce websites need a structure that is essentially different from general-purpose websites and we take care of each minute detail that is necessary. Our exclusive e-commerce website designing services are aimed at creating e-commerce websites that are unique as well as appealing.

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Points to Ponder (Don’t Miss Any of Them)

  • We are the most trustworthy company that provides SEO services in Lancaster and we take matters related to digital marketing very seriously. Out results speak louder than our words.
  • Our personalized services of website design in Lancaster basically ensure the creation of unique, attractive, classy, relevant and user-friendly websites for each client that we come to us for the development of their personal or business websites.
  • Our exclusive services of local SEO in Lancaster comes with the assurance of providing high-quality results and obtaining higher ranks on local search results.
  • We have served numerous clients in the field of SEO Services, Web Development services, and other necessary Digital Marketing Service, 10 years and counting.
  • We have a team of experts belonging from various fields. The team is extremely dedicated, hard-working, and knows their duties very well.
  • We have vast knowledge and expertise in the ever-expanding domain of SEO, web development, and digital marketing services. Also, we are always open to exploration and we believe in adding more necessary knowledge, along the way.
  • We have remarkably unique and logically-planned SEO, web development and digital marketing strategies for every particular client, which depends on their specific requirements and their budget.
  • All our services are considered to be excellent because they are result-oriented, performance-driven, verified for a better outcome and highly functional. We give assurance of 100% satisfaction with the end-results of each online project that we undertake.
  • Our sincerity and hard-work have helped us greatly in fetching clients from across various territories. We have worked with several reputed clients beyond the geographical border. At present, we have a big client-family and we are proud of the rich client base that we have.

Here’s a glimpse of what our clients had said about our work

Clients are the base of any great venture. We believe that clients can make or break any business. What say?

We are serving in the field of digital marketing, web development, and SEO for the last ten years and, in the given timeframe, we have worked with various reputed clients from all over the globe. Our clients have been extremely cooperative with us. As a result, they were served the best SEO and other necessary services that one can only imagine. We have sufficient skills and expertise to give world-class treatment to each project that comes in our hands. Also, we have gained enough appreciation from the clients for the excellent services that we have provided them till date.

Want to know what the clients said about our work? Have a look below!

We are Offering Budget Friendly SEO & Web Development Packages

Are you concerned that digital marketing may turn out to be a big investment?

Yes, it is a big investment, but only in terms of the value that it adds to your company and not in terms of monetary investment. Interested to know more? Actually, we don’t believe in creating packages with high price tags. Our packages are made in such a way that it fits into the budget of every business that needs effective services of SEO and web development in Lancaster. Therefore, the best part is that we have plans for each one of you who require availing one or more of our superior-quality services.

There’s another good news for you! We also have a facility for creating customized package plans according to your requirement. In this case, we can customize a package just for you with the requirements and the budget that you have. Just let us know about your needs and budget, and we will get a plan ready for you in the least possible time. Interested? Contact us, maybe?

Have a look at our cost effective SEO, Web development and other Online Marketing packages

Local SEO/Google Map

$175 Onwards
  • Upto 10 -15 Keywords
  • Suitable for small/local businesses

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Search Engine Optimization

$300 Onwards
  • Upto 10-15 Keywords
  • Suitable for small/medium global businesses

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Website Design & Development

$550 Onwards
  • Upto 15 Pages
  • Suitable for small/medium business

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Your Reliable Digital Partner in Lancaster

Why should you work with us?

Pixel Global IT Services has solutions for every single digital problem that you may have. We can help you in fetching good revenue from your business and make it all the more profitable.

Let us give you some reasons, in case you are still confused. Here we go!

  • We have acquired 10 years of experience in the world of web marketing
  • We have services that are effective, goal-oriented & highly beneficial for businesses
  • We always give our best efforts to make your online campaign successful
  • We possess the necessary set of skills and expertise that are required to make a mark in the domain of digital marketing
  • We offer SEO, website development & other online marketing packages in prices that are cost-effective and competitive
  • We have a highly qualified team of skilled experts and they are experts for a reason
  • We conduct regular performance check and analyze our course of action in order to be able to give you better results
  • We ensure a smooth flow of work and timely completion of online projects
  • We submit work reports to all our clients on a monthly, quarterly or weekly basis, according to pre-specified contract
  • We have a customer support system that is well-maintained and proactive
  • We have a strong sense of devotion and commitment towards all our clients
  • We ensure that respect and individual importance is given to each of our clients

Our highly dedicated team is here with the motive of serving you highly satisfying and goal-oriented SEO, Web Development & Digital Marketing services in Lancaster – the exact kind of service that you truly deserve for the uninterrupted growth of your business.

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